Sunday, August 3, 2014

Quince/Sweet16, Prom and your Wedding

This week we, Francisco and I met with a new client for a one to one consult. We spoke about her event, a day wedding and what she was looking to achieve.


She is a single woman and besides wanting to have fun at her friend's wedding, she would like to find someone to spend some time with, possibly a new man or men in her life. We discussed what her likes were; we discussed color, dress cut, what she thought was her best and worst asset. We also discussed, since we are a one stop shop, styling and her budget for accessories.


As part of our consult process, we take time to listen and read between the lines, and prepare ourselves for pep talks, some clients have issues with low self esteem because they are not tall enough, or pretty enough, etc, etc, so we are always prepared for that.  We don't have a time limit, whatever time it takes, but as a general rule of thumb, we normally set aside 5 hours.


After an hour and half, our new client put down a deposit and left the studio which we call CASA FRANOVIK.


Among the conversations we pointed out, in our opinion, there are three (3) important dresses in a woman's life: Quince/Sweet 16, Prom/Cotillion and the ultimate and most important Your Wedding Dress.


Anyone serious about these know these pieces must be as exclusive as they can be, you DO NOT want to walk in and see someone else wearing your dress and looking better than you, that would be disastrous.


One thing that I would like to mention, don't think because you are getting a custom made garment, it's going to cost you an arm and a leg; not necessarily, most designers want to put their work out there unless it's a huge name, then you are paying for bragging rights to say,  "I'm wearing a CHANEL original".


While choosing a local designer, check websites, or Google their names, email or call and ask questions. Set up an appointment, if the designers are to your liking.


Once you have decided, you and the designers will be in constant contact. You will need to sit and look at fabric swatches until you decide which fabric you want. Let's say you have decided on the fabric, the design, and the look you are going for; you have said yes,  we start the construction of  our piece, you will need to make yourself available for fittings, there will be a few. Always bring shoes with you, does not have to be the ones you will be wearing with the outfit but a pair you are comfortable with and has the height you will be wearing.


Once the garment is finished, last fitting with shoes and you are satisfied, you get to take your custom made garment with you to show off.  You can wear your garment proudly and know "No one will be wearing your Dress".....Have fun!!!!!


Viktor Franovik


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