Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Superhero Wonder Woman gets trendy makeover

Wonder Woman has been given a tougher image (Picture: DC Comics)

Wonder Woman has changed her looks and dons a trendy new outfit in issue 600 of the comic book series.

The super hero's star-spangled swimsuit is to be replaced by a radical new style that includes leggings.

The visual makeover goes hand in hand with changes to the Wonder Woman story, publisher DC Comics says.

DC Comics has hired a new writer, J Michael Straczynski, to give Wonder Woman's life a new direction.

Mr Straczynski told the New York Times that it had been time to bring the iconic character into the 21st Century.

"She's been locked into pretty much the exact same outfit since her debut in 1941," Mr Straczynski said. "What woman only wears only one outfit for 60-plus years?"

He said the redesign of Wonder Woman's outfit had been his priority when he took on the job.

"I wanted to toughen her up and give her a modern sensibility," Mr Straczynski said.

Superhuman powers

Wonder Woman is an Amazon with superhuman powers and the alter ego of Princess Diana of Themyscira.

During the last 69 years, she has fought a range of villains and also appeared in other comic series such as Justice League.

In the 1970s, Lynda Carter played the super heroine in the series The New Original Wonder Woman and The New Adventures of Wonder Woman.

An animated film was released last year, starring Keri Russell.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Summer is upon us, hurricanes too. Ladies your closet needs the only bathing suit able to swim, get lunch right after and still look chic.

Suits come in sheer fabrics, and hot booty shorts to match. Sizes from zero to eight, bigger sizes available.

Place your order at or Accessories optional.

While you're at it, get the perfect make up to go with your outfit.

Have fun at the beach this year, Go Green and always wear FRANOVIK DESIGNS!

Viktor Franovik

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Last week, Thursday, June 18 on the telecast of Al Rojo Vivo, Maria Celeste Arraras wore a FRANOVIK original dress.

It was an honor for us to be recognized by Maria Celeste and the show. On one of my conversations with Maria Celeste, I found out she's all for the Green Movement and helps to promote the ECO movement by recycling as well, one way to promote green.

I will be looking for pics on the internet of her wearing the dress. I do have the dvd of the telecast, I guess i'll start taking pics of the show and put them on the blog or the website.

Thank you Mari.....

Viktor Franovik

Saturday, June 26, 2010


For those Die Hard fans of Wonder Woman...I have your Director and Actress, wearing a Franovik Design ofcourse....Meet Christopher DeStefano, your Director and Esther Dollar, your Wonder Woman....

Wonder Woman (2011) |



David Bruce, Webmaster

Based on information from Wikipedia and other sources here is the genesis and status of the project:

In January 2001, producer Joel Silver approached Todd Alcott to write a Wonder Woman screenplay, with Silver Pictures backing the project. Early gossip linked actresses such as Mariah Carey, Sandra Bullock, and Catherine Zeta-Jones to the role of Wonder Woman.

Leonard Goldberg, speaking in a May 2001 interview, named Sandra Bullock as a strong candidate for the project. Bullock claimed that she was approached for the role, while Lucy Lawless and Chyna both expressed interest. Lawless indicated that she would be more interested if Wonder Woman was portrayed as a "flawed hero." The screenplay then went through various drafts written by Alcott, Jon Cohen, Becky Johnston, and Philip Levens. By August 2003, Levens was replaced by screenwriter Laeta Kalogridis.

In March 2005, Warner Bros. and Silver Pictures announced that Joss Whedon would write and direct the film adaptation of Wonder Woman. Whedon's salary was reported to be between $2 to $3 million. Since Whedon was directing Serenity at the time, and required time to research Wonder Woman's background, he did not begin the screenplay until late 2005. According to Joel Silver, the script would cover Wonder Woman's origin and include Steve Trevor: "Trevor crashes on the island and they go back to Man's World." Silver wanted to film Wonder Woman in Australia once the script was completed. While Whedon stated in May 2005 that he would not cast Wonder Woman until he finished the script, Charisma Carpenter and Morena Baccarin expressed interest in the role.

Joss Whedon in November 2006, explaining the delay in developing a proper script said,"Besides [Wonder Woman's] great origin story, there's nothing from the comics that felt right 100 percent, no iconic canon story that must be told. Batman has it made — he's got the greatest rogues gallery ever, he's got Gotham City. The Bat writes himself. With Wonder Woman, you're writing from whole cloth, but trying to make it feel like you didn't. To make it feel like it's existed for 60 years, even though you're making it up as you go along. But who she, and what the movie, is about, thematically, has never been a problem for me. But the steps along the way, it could be so easy for them to feel wrong. I won't settle. She wouldn't let me settle."

In February 2007, Whedon departed from the project, citing script differences with the studio. Whedon reiterated: "I never had an actress picked out, or even a consistent [sic] front-runner. I didn't have time to waste on casting when I was so busy air-balling on the script." Whedon stated that with the Wonder Woman project left behind, he would focus on making his film Goners.

"I would go back in a heartbeat if I believed that anybody believed in what I was doing. The lack of enthusiasm was overwhelming."

A day before Whedon's departure from Wonder Woman, Warner Bros. Pictures and Silver Pictures purchased a spec script written by Matthew Jennison and Brent Strickland. Set during World War II, the script impressed executives at Silver Pictures. However, Silver has made clear that he purchased the script because he didn't want it floating around in the industry; although it has good ideas, he doesn't wish for the Wonder Woman film to be a period piece.

Ten months after Whedon's departure from Wonder Woman, producer Joel Silver shelved the movie indefinitely.

On 05 October 2007, Nikki Finke wrote in her column that three producers had told her that Warner Bros. president of production Jeff Robinov had stated that, "we are no longer doing movies with women in the lead." Anne Thompson responded in a 09 October 2007 Variety article which stated that, "despite the failure of three femme-centered actioners produced by Joel Silver, Jeff Robinov insists he is moving forward with several movies with women in the lead." Thompson further noted that Wonder Woman will be appearing in the upcoming Justice League film and that, Robinov is still seeking the right script and star for a "Wonder Woman" feature, which has been in development for a decade... action features starring women remain a hard sell for many moviegoers. But Robinov said he is still willing to put a femme star into an action role. 'But, like any other movie, it has to be the right movie with the right actor and the right filmmaker at the right time,' he said.

The film Justice League of America is slated for a 2010 release. It is based upon the DC Comics publication, the Justice League which has included a number of superheroes in the past including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Atom, Hawkman, Black Canary, and Captain Marvel.[50] An 29 October 2007 article quoted Joel Silver as stating that due to the impending release of Justice League, the Wonder Woman film will be placed on moratorium:

'They're going to make the Justice League movie, and we're kind of pausing on Wonder Woman now... Let them go ahead and do that picture [first]'... The Amazon superhero from the DC Comics series will be a major part of the upcoming JLA. 'And if that comes together, Wonder Woman will be a part of that story,' Silver said. 'And then we'll see where we go from there. But we struggled with it for a while. I hope that we can solve it and make it one day.'

A number of actresses have been reported to be under consideration for the role of Wonder Woman in the Justice League film. Jessica Biel was approached for the role, but passed on it, while Missy Peregrym, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Teresa Palmer, Shannyn Sossamon and Christina Milan expressed interest. It has been reported that supermodel Megan Gale has been cast as the heroine. In early January 2008, it was reported that production of the JLA film has been delayed due to the Writers Guild of America strike.

C'mon people make this movie, anxiously waiting....and we can become the designers for the movie!

Viktor Franovik

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Since we became distributors, we created a website,(,) for the purchase of MOTIVES products. It has been apparent to us that people like and use this cosmetics line.

I myself used it at my last photoshoot, believe it, I work long hours so I need all the help i can get. I looked pale and needed some color to boost my features to hopefully get better pictures.

I only used the concealers and blushes for shadowing and blocking the camera lights. The girls were done completely, thanks to Dianna and Annette, they were flawless, the creme bases are perfect. These bases are specially blended for each client, no one is identical.

The make up professional sits with you and looks at your skin and determines what is your base color, looks for undertones, and then creates a specific base for you. It takes a while to put
the base together, meanwhile your specialist is talking to you about products and services.

Here are some pics of the shoot and everyone involved....Go to our website and purchase these sought after products.


Viktor Franovik

Make Up artists: Dianna Echevarria & Annette Rosales
Models: Adama, April and Sofia
Designer: Francisco Perez
Fashion Stylist: Viktor Franovik
Photography: Beatriz Stilwell & Christopher Makris
Hair Artist: Luis Manuel
Jewelry: Expressions in Gold & Silver


Why do the models have all the fun.....In order to know what models go through, you have to get in their shoes....I tried but didn't fit in a size 8 but at least tried, size 15 here, LOL.

In our last photo shoot, we had 4 beautiful models (Adama, Mayte, Sofia and April) , 2 amazing photographers (Beatriz and, 2 make up artists (Dianna & Annette) and a hair artist (Luis Manuel).

We got to the studio early to set up, the staff was there, food and drinks were out, the girls were coming in. So while the girls were getting beautified, we were discussing the looks and vision for the shoot.

After the discussion, we decided to warm up the cameras....God that's alot of work, Frank and I took about 300 pictures, changed a few times and we had a lovely jeweler named Mindy from Expressions in Gold & Silver (

Well Mindy brought out awesome pieces, you know I was going for the diamonds. We started building arm and neck candy, was I in heaven or what. We take pics and more pics, I am running back and fourth making sure the girls are being done and telling them what they are going to wear.

I finished my shoot, took off my clothes and went to work with the girls while Frank finished his session. It's alot of fun, alot of work but leave me behind the scenes styling and making sure everything gets done....ENJOY THE PICS....Love, peace and GO GREEN!

Viktor Franovik

Models: Francisco Perez & Viktor Franovik (Designer & Fashion Stylist)
Photographers: Beatriz Stilwell & Christopher Makris
Jewelry: Expressions in Gold & Silver
Make Up: MOTIVES cosmetics

Friday, June 18, 2010


One of our signature pieces returns with a new face, Model Adama.....

In our recent photo shoot, We photographed the new "ELEMENTS OF GREEN" collection. I had an epiphany that moment; I wanted to bring back one of the signature pieces that everyone loves. This time in a photo shoot....

The first time it was seen only on the runway, where Miss Morgan Quinn, gave it life when she walked down that white glass runway. To date we have not found anyone to walk this dress like Morgan walked it, many have tried but no ones really nailed it yet.

With Adama, this dress forged with her body, it was poured on like liquid silk and latex. I did not have to give her direction, the dress told Adama what to do, it was seamless, they floated on air. The camera loved them together, it was a true pleasure seeing magic again.

We will do the same with the other two signatures pieces, which are the white dress and the silver screen dress. It was a joy for us to work with Miss Adama again: she's beautiful, patient and a professional; no matter what we threw at her she always delivered. THANK YOU MAMA!


Viktor Franovik

Model: Adama
Designers: Luis Perez and Francisco Perez (The Brothers Perez)
Fashion Stylist: Viktor Franovik
Photographers: Beatriz Stilwell and Christopher Makris
Make up artist: Dianna Echevarria and Annette Rosales
Hair Artist: Luis Manuel
Make Up: Motives Cosmetics
Jewelry by: Expressions in Gold & Silver

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I have been following the news on a daily basis on the oil spill and still nothing. It's been about 55 days now and still oil is gushing out and nothing seems to stops this.

I can only write as a worried spectator, and fashion designer that helps the environment by creating fashion from recycled, recyclable materials and fabrics. My comments are opinions, comments heard or read from TV, Radio, Newspaper and speaking from the heart.

It's a shame this has not been contained yet. I heard the news saying something about being possibly being contained in August; meanwhile, i keep seeing pictures of pelicans covered in oil, giant turtles lifeless being pulled from the oceans, and greenery full of oil. When I head out to a local restaurant and want to order any seafood, my questions is if this from the gulf?

Our government? BP? What's next? How many lives more? How many more oceans, seas, coastlines need to be affected? Also, very little has been spoken about the fisherman's lives being impacted because of this tragedy. Who will be taking care of them and their way of life? Anyone care to comment?

Let's pray for a miracle and hands on to clean up our taken from NYDaily News and BP news


FRANOVIK DESIGNS always thinking of community has teamed up Angel's Pediatric Heart House, (

Angel’s Pediatric Heart House was created in February of 2004 by Sonia Perez. Sonia’s late husband, Dr. Angel R. Perez, was a pediatric cardiologist in the South Florida area. Dr. Perez was a respected cardiologist amongst his colleagues and loved by the families he served. In 1999, Dr. Perez was diagnosed with kidney cancer; and in January of 2000, Dr. Perez succumbed to his illness. He left behind a wife and two daughters.

In September of 2000, Mrs. Perez and her daughters hosted a picnic for the families that were under his care. What was really special that day was that parents and children got an opportunity to meet and socialize with other families affected by CHD in a casual and fun atmosphere. The picnic became an annual event, but it became clear that the families needed more than just an annual event, they needed a place outside of the hospital or physician’s office where they could come together and offer each other social and emotional support throughout the year.

Angel’s Pediatric Heart House is a non-residential, congenital heart defects support community. It is a place where the entire family—parents, CHD child, siblings and relatives—can come together and join others affected by CHD to give hope and encouragement and to share their experiences.

How we help APHH? We include Angel's in all our press releases and events. Hoping to generate revenues for both organizations, a portion is donated to Angel's. This year, Thanks to Mr. Sale Stojanovic, owner of Funkshion Music and Fashion and co-owner of Design Miami, monies collected at all their events throughout this year including our fashion show "Elements of Green", will be donated to Angel's Pediatric Heart House.

Sonia, the driving force behind it all is amazing. This incredible woman, thinks, eats, sleeps APHH. She visits the local children's hospitals and families. It is such a pleasure working with her and her foundation members like Jen, among others. Sonia is truly an inspiration. God Bless....

Please visit their website,, read what she is doing and generously give to this noble cause, "SAVING CHILDREN'S LIVES" is what it all about.

Thank you,

Viktor Franovik