Saturday, November 17, 2012

Linda Scott, Franovik Designs and Fashion Designers to the Rescue!!

Linda Scott, model and producer of LS1426Inc fashion week produced a week of amazing venues, all to benefit the Sickle Cell Disease Association of Broward County, Inc.

Linda joined forces with Fashion designers to fund raise for this very important cause. Linda approached Franovik Designs to be in the show as the only Florida Couture designers. Naturally, this was a perfect fit for us because we also fundraise for so many charities like Angel's Pediatric Heart House, the prestige club, ASPCA, American Heart Association and now proudly Sickle Cell.
This disease has not been in the public eye as other diseases like heart, cancer, HIV and others. After reading about it, I noticed as the other diseases, it affects so many lives and regions. It is important to read about it and place it in the public eye as well.

I found and copied this information from the Sickle Cell Disease Scientific Research Group located in Bethesda, Maryland.  
Sickle Cell Disease is a hereditary disease of the red blood cells, which affects the oxygen carrying process of the hemoglobin. Sickle Cell Disease affects the lives of approximately one out of every 500 African Americans, 1,000 to 1,400 Hispanics, and 80,000 other Americans. Sickle Cell Disease is also found in people from South and Central America, the Caribbean, and racial groups of European and Asian descent.

To inherit the disease, an individual must receive the gene for sickle hemoglobin from both parents. Individuals who receive one gene for normal hemoglobin from one parent and one gene for sickle hemoglobin from the other parent inherit the sickle cell trait, not the disease, and are carriers.
One in every twelve African Americans has sickle cell trait. There are rarely any clinical problems associated with the trait, but those individuals, as carriers, can pass the sickle gene to their offspring. If two carrier individuals have children, there is a one-in-four chance with each pregnancy of having a child with sickle cell disease.

For some time, scientists have understood the hereditary defect in the sickle hemoglobin responsible for sickle cell disease. Sickled and rigid cells are unable to move as easily through the smaller blood vessels. The occlusion impairs blood flow and causes spontaneous recurrent bouts of debilitating pain called “crisis” and acute damage to various tissues and organs. Sickle Cell Disease afflicts children as young as six months old, and causes extremely painful episodic maladies that require long hospitalizations and tremendous emotional support.
About Sickle Cell Disease and the Sickle Cell Trait:

What Is the Sickle Cell Disease?
It’s a group of related disorders that affect red blood cells.
Normal Red Blood Cells
move easily through the body. That’s because they’re:

·       soft
·       smooth
·       round
With Sickle Cell Disease,
Red blood cells can become:

·       hard
·       sticky
·       shaped like crescents of sickles.
These changes can cause numerous medical problems.

Sickle Cell Disease Can Cause Several Health Problems
For example:
Curved, sticky blood cells can clog the spleen and prevent it from doing its job— helping the body kill germs.

Sickle cells have a shorter life than regular red blood cells. The body cannot make new red blood cells fast enough to replace old ones. With fewer red blood cells, organs and tissues do not get the oxygen they need.
Organ Damage
Lack of oxygen over many years can lead to tissue and organ damage in any part of the body.

Crescent-shaped cells can get stuck in smaller blood vessels. This may block blood and oxygen flow to tissues, resulting in pain.
Complications during Pregnancy
A woman with sickle cell disease can have healthy baby. However, risks are involved, and both she and the baby should be closely monitored by a health-care provider. Prenatal care is very important!

Hand-And-Foot Syndrome
This involves pain and swelling of the hands and feet. It’s caused by sickle cells that clog the blood vessels of the hands and feet. It usually occurs in smaller children.
Leg Ulcers
Poor circulation can lead to sores that are difficult to heal. These often occur around the ankles.

This is a yellowish tinge on the whites of the eyes. It’s usually painless, but it indicates a problem with the blood.

Other Problems Associated With Sickle Cell Disease Include:
Chest Pains and trouble breathing
Blood in the Urine
Pneumonia Painful Erections in men
Visit their website, there was much more information or write or call should you have any questions.

The Sickle Cell Disease Scientific Research Group
Division of Blood Diseases and Resources
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
Two Rockledge Center
6701 Rockledge Drive, MSC 7950
Bethesda, MD 20892-7950
It's also very important to mention the Sickle Cell Association of Broward County for local Floridians.

Sickle Cell Disease of Broward
The Sickle Cell Disease Association of Broward County, Inc. is a non-profit, 501© organization that was established and incorporated on December 23, 1977 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida through the efforts of the late Attorney Henry Latimer and the late Mrs. Cheryl Peterman. The Association began its operation in Fort Lauderdale and gradually expanded its service base throughout Broward County into Hendry County. The Sickle Cell Disease Association of Broward County, Inc. is one of 15 Chapters within the State of Florida. Since its incorporation, the Association’s purpose has been dedicated to addressing research, medical, social, psychological and the informational needs of individuals and their families living with Sickle Cell Disease or Sickle Cell Trait.

We strongly support legislation committed to the Sickle Cell Disease causes on all levels; we actively solicit funding for Outreach Services for our clients and their families; we promote Community Outreach and share ideas that will enhance the Sickle Cell Outreach Programs and disseminate literature and information about Sickle Cell Disease.

The Association has been able to provide the following Outreach Services to our clients, their families, and the community:

Community Awareness:
Health Screen and Blood Drive Sickle Cell Presentation to area Business Community Leaders and Schools.

Social / Client Services:
Cultural Activates/ Referrals/ Counseling Limited Financial Support Thanksgiving basket, Emergency Funds for Food and Prescription.

Fashion Designers, like many others are unsung heroes; we participate in many events to raise money for charities and needy causes. Franovik Designs are just one of those designers that participate as part of our company Mission and Vision.
I  want to Thank Linda Scott and everyone that take the time to think about someone else besides them and does something to better this world of ours.

Viktor Franovik

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The last show of the year

So last Sunday Franovik Designs did their last show of 2012. We were included at LS1426 Inc fashion week. The show was held at the Marriott Biscayne Bay in Miami from 6 to 9 under Linda Scott Productions.

This show was very special; the fashion show was for plus size models. Franovik got the chance to participate and produce a few pieces using plus size models. It was quite the experience, as fashion designers we tend to go with the norm, smaller sizes, taller, stick figure models but the reality is we dress women, all sizes, races, colors, etc.
All we want is for people to see our creations, not only on a mannequin in a store but on a real body.

It was a beautiful day; we walked in and immediately felt the love. We were the only Couture designers from Florida. Miss Linda had models for us and proceeded to a conference room for us to fit the ladies.
We had 18 pieces, fit the ladies, and decided to go with 12 pieces. I, as usual, brought my entourage of assistants, including the fabulous Kathy Nunez from Face Future, CEO of KN Cosmetics, to do all the makeup, 13 girls to be exact. Needless to say, the makeup was flawless.

I don't know how Kathy does it but the lips were amazing, the highlight of my evening. She makes those lips look like vinyl-latex, smooth and wet. I mean, I wanted her to do my lips, MUAH!!!
While the ladies were getting their faces done, I got a chance to meet the other designers (hey Miss Suzette), models, sponsors, photographers, media and the DJ....Very important for me because I needed to discuss start, breaks and where I wanted to cue the music.

My photographer arrived; Don Seidman, so we looked at the place and went ahead to discuss the evening agenda and what kind of pictures I was looking for. Don met the models and spoke to them on what he needed from them. Take your time, he says, it's not a rat race, it's your time to shine.
Sometime went by and Steve, Marnie and Julio from Amplification Inc, (newly acquired marketing company for Franovik) show up to interview us, Kathy and the models. I was interviewed first while we did a run through with the models.

I really need to get a grip while being interviewed; Jeez, I really let go, it's funny, somewhat flaming, (LMAO). Then Francisco is interviewed and he's the complete opposite, he gets nervous and forgets his words and goes west with his thoughts!!
So show time is approaching, the show is late, almost 2 hours late. Show starts and we are the first to present; you know I'm going to open up with a bang, I want to set the tone, I want every other designer to go after us, to catch us, to top us.....

I spoke to all the ladies before, I wanted them to celebrate their womanhood, go out there and be fabulous, show everyone model realness and have fun with it. Well, the ladies did not listen to their designer and went with uptight modeling instead of having fun and it shows in the pictures.
I don't understand, they were getting pictures as well, wouldn't you go for awesome pics, instead of uptight, no smiles, flat pictures. Bummer!!

OMG, before I forget, we had our very first Asian Model (Vivian) and Plus Size Model (Jennifer). So Vivian is Korean and was leaving to Korea the following morning. Jennifer is local (South Florida) and wants to be a fashion designer too, she showed me some of her drawing, very cute, there's potential there.
All in all, we had a very nice time; the crowd was very enthusiastic and proper. Linda was in control but very cool, nothing fazed her, it was her way and you had to do it her way, she ruled!!    

 I look forward to next year with Miss Linda at another venue; lets' not get into that....Anyway, as I said before, our last show of the year. We will take a well deserved break, vacations from fashion, although I will be writing, photoshoping, creating the new catalog, and gearing up for 2013.

Talk to you soon....Kisses,

Viktor Franovik