Saturday, November 17, 2012

Linda Scott, Franovik Designs and Fashion Designers to the Rescue!!

Linda Scott, model and producer of LS1426Inc fashion week produced a week of amazing venues, all to benefit the Sickle Cell Disease Association of Broward County, Inc.

Linda joined forces with Fashion designers to fund raise for this very important cause. Linda approached Franovik Designs to be in the show as the only Florida Couture designers. Naturally, this was a perfect fit for us because we also fundraise for so many charities like Angel's Pediatric Heart House, the prestige club, ASPCA, American Heart Association and now proudly Sickle Cell.
This disease has not been in the public eye as other diseases like heart, cancer, HIV and others. After reading about it, I noticed as the other diseases, it affects so many lives and regions. It is important to read about it and place it in the public eye as well.

I found and copied this information from the Sickle Cell Disease Scientific Research Group located in Bethesda, Maryland.  
Sickle Cell Disease is a hereditary disease of the red blood cells, which affects the oxygen carrying process of the hemoglobin. Sickle Cell Disease affects the lives of approximately one out of every 500 African Americans, 1,000 to 1,400 Hispanics, and 80,000 other Americans. Sickle Cell Disease is also found in people from South and Central America, the Caribbean, and racial groups of European and Asian descent.

To inherit the disease, an individual must receive the gene for sickle hemoglobin from both parents. Individuals who receive one gene for normal hemoglobin from one parent and one gene for sickle hemoglobin from the other parent inherit the sickle cell trait, not the disease, and are carriers.
One in every twelve African Americans has sickle cell trait. There are rarely any clinical problems associated with the trait, but those individuals, as carriers, can pass the sickle gene to their offspring. If two carrier individuals have children, there is a one-in-four chance with each pregnancy of having a child with sickle cell disease.

For some time, scientists have understood the hereditary defect in the sickle hemoglobin responsible for sickle cell disease. Sickled and rigid cells are unable to move as easily through the smaller blood vessels. The occlusion impairs blood flow and causes spontaneous recurrent bouts of debilitating pain called “crisis” and acute damage to various tissues and organs. Sickle Cell Disease afflicts children as young as six months old, and causes extremely painful episodic maladies that require long hospitalizations and tremendous emotional support.
About Sickle Cell Disease and the Sickle Cell Trait:

What Is the Sickle Cell Disease?
It’s a group of related disorders that affect red blood cells.
Normal Red Blood Cells
move easily through the body. That’s because they’re:

·       soft
·       smooth
·       round
With Sickle Cell Disease,
Red blood cells can become:

·       hard
·       sticky
·       shaped like crescents of sickles.
These changes can cause numerous medical problems.

Sickle Cell Disease Can Cause Several Health Problems
For example:
Curved, sticky blood cells can clog the spleen and prevent it from doing its job— helping the body kill germs.

Sickle cells have a shorter life than regular red blood cells. The body cannot make new red blood cells fast enough to replace old ones. With fewer red blood cells, organs and tissues do not get the oxygen they need.
Organ Damage
Lack of oxygen over many years can lead to tissue and organ damage in any part of the body.

Crescent-shaped cells can get stuck in smaller blood vessels. This may block blood and oxygen flow to tissues, resulting in pain.
Complications during Pregnancy
A woman with sickle cell disease can have healthy baby. However, risks are involved, and both she and the baby should be closely monitored by a health-care provider. Prenatal care is very important!

Hand-And-Foot Syndrome
This involves pain and swelling of the hands and feet. It’s caused by sickle cells that clog the blood vessels of the hands and feet. It usually occurs in smaller children.
Leg Ulcers
Poor circulation can lead to sores that are difficult to heal. These often occur around the ankles.

This is a yellowish tinge on the whites of the eyes. It’s usually painless, but it indicates a problem with the blood.

Other Problems Associated With Sickle Cell Disease Include:
Chest Pains and trouble breathing
Blood in the Urine
Pneumonia Painful Erections in men
Visit their website, there was much more information or write or call should you have any questions.

The Sickle Cell Disease Scientific Research Group
Division of Blood Diseases and Resources
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
Two Rockledge Center
6701 Rockledge Drive, MSC 7950
Bethesda, MD 20892-7950
It's also very important to mention the Sickle Cell Association of Broward County for local Floridians.

Sickle Cell Disease of Broward
The Sickle Cell Disease Association of Broward County, Inc. is a non-profit, 501© organization that was established and incorporated on December 23, 1977 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida through the efforts of the late Attorney Henry Latimer and the late Mrs. Cheryl Peterman. The Association began its operation in Fort Lauderdale and gradually expanded its service base throughout Broward County into Hendry County. The Sickle Cell Disease Association of Broward County, Inc. is one of 15 Chapters within the State of Florida. Since its incorporation, the Association’s purpose has been dedicated to addressing research, medical, social, psychological and the informational needs of individuals and their families living with Sickle Cell Disease or Sickle Cell Trait.

We strongly support legislation committed to the Sickle Cell Disease causes on all levels; we actively solicit funding for Outreach Services for our clients and their families; we promote Community Outreach and share ideas that will enhance the Sickle Cell Outreach Programs and disseminate literature and information about Sickle Cell Disease.

The Association has been able to provide the following Outreach Services to our clients, their families, and the community:

Community Awareness:
Health Screen and Blood Drive Sickle Cell Presentation to area Business Community Leaders and Schools.

Social / Client Services:
Cultural Activates/ Referrals/ Counseling Limited Financial Support Thanksgiving basket, Emergency Funds for Food and Prescription.

Fashion Designers, like many others are unsung heroes; we participate in many events to raise money for charities and needy causes. Franovik Designs are just one of those designers that participate as part of our company Mission and Vision.
I  want to Thank Linda Scott and everyone that take the time to think about someone else besides them and does something to better this world of ours.

Viktor Franovik

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The last show of the year

So last Sunday Franovik Designs did their last show of 2012. We were included at LS1426 Inc fashion week. The show was held at the Marriott Biscayne Bay in Miami from 6 to 9 under Linda Scott Productions.

This show was very special; the fashion show was for plus size models. Franovik got the chance to participate and produce a few pieces using plus size models. It was quite the experience, as fashion designers we tend to go with the norm, smaller sizes, taller, stick figure models but the reality is we dress women, all sizes, races, colors, etc.
All we want is for people to see our creations, not only on a mannequin in a store but on a real body.

It was a beautiful day; we walked in and immediately felt the love. We were the only Couture designers from Florida. Miss Linda had models for us and proceeded to a conference room for us to fit the ladies.
We had 18 pieces, fit the ladies, and decided to go with 12 pieces. I, as usual, brought my entourage of assistants, including the fabulous Kathy Nunez from Face Future, CEO of KN Cosmetics, to do all the makeup, 13 girls to be exact. Needless to say, the makeup was flawless.

I don't know how Kathy does it but the lips were amazing, the highlight of my evening. She makes those lips look like vinyl-latex, smooth and wet. I mean, I wanted her to do my lips, MUAH!!!
While the ladies were getting their faces done, I got a chance to meet the other designers (hey Miss Suzette), models, sponsors, photographers, media and the DJ....Very important for me because I needed to discuss start, breaks and where I wanted to cue the music.

My photographer arrived; Don Seidman, so we looked at the place and went ahead to discuss the evening agenda and what kind of pictures I was looking for. Don met the models and spoke to them on what he needed from them. Take your time, he says, it's not a rat race, it's your time to shine.
Sometime went by and Steve, Marnie and Julio from Amplification Inc, (newly acquired marketing company for Franovik) show up to interview us, Kathy and the models. I was interviewed first while we did a run through with the models.

I really need to get a grip while being interviewed; Jeez, I really let go, it's funny, somewhat flaming, (LMAO). Then Francisco is interviewed and he's the complete opposite, he gets nervous and forgets his words and goes west with his thoughts!!
So show time is approaching, the show is late, almost 2 hours late. Show starts and we are the first to present; you know I'm going to open up with a bang, I want to set the tone, I want every other designer to go after us, to catch us, to top us.....

I spoke to all the ladies before, I wanted them to celebrate their womanhood, go out there and be fabulous, show everyone model realness and have fun with it. Well, the ladies did not listen to their designer and went with uptight modeling instead of having fun and it shows in the pictures.
I don't understand, they were getting pictures as well, wouldn't you go for awesome pics, instead of uptight, no smiles, flat pictures. Bummer!!

OMG, before I forget, we had our very first Asian Model (Vivian) and Plus Size Model (Jennifer). So Vivian is Korean and was leaving to Korea the following morning. Jennifer is local (South Florida) and wants to be a fashion designer too, she showed me some of her drawing, very cute, there's potential there.
All in all, we had a very nice time; the crowd was very enthusiastic and proper. Linda was in control but very cool, nothing fazed her, it was her way and you had to do it her way, she ruled!!    

 I look forward to next year with Miss Linda at another venue; lets' not get into that....Anyway, as I said before, our last show of the year. We will take a well deserved break, vacations from fashion, although I will be writing, photoshoping, creating the new catalog, and gearing up for 2013.

Talk to you soon....Kisses,

Viktor Franovik

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Green Couture-El Futuro de Diseño

El pasado jueves, 12 de julio,  la prestigiosa firma de diseños de moda reciclable FRANOVIK DESIGNS tuvo su desfile de modas para recaudar fondos para la empresa, "The Women of the Roundtable".

La noche fue muy divertida, muchos nervios de parte de las chicas y todos envueltos incluyendo los diseñadores Francisco Pérez y Víktor Franovik.

El elenco contó con la participación de Kathy Nuñez, Administradora de "FACE FUTURE by KN COSMETICS y sus asistentes-Evy Maquillaje y Kristine Kelly. Ola Wilkerson, Adminsitradora de Illusion's Hair Boutique y sus asistentes-Schacle Powell y Beatric Jean.

Entre otros colaboradores hubo la Sra. Celinda de Linda Fashion Shoes, la diseñadora de joyas semi preciosas-la venezolana Yenny Machado, cosméticos Hip Chick, delicias con ron por RumCakesByBetty, muchas de la modelos eran de Ethereal Management, entre otros.  

(El Disenador Francisco Perez de Franovik Designs sale en la pasarela a recibir los aplausos de la noche)

La maestra de ceremonias fue la escritora KandeeG que mantuvo la noche alegre y movida. Hubo una bailarina arabe que bailo y saco a la gente del público y pidió donaciones para la fundación de caridad.  

(KandeeG muestra un vestido hecho por Franovik Designs)

Sirvieron la cena y la bebida, entre las bebidas hubo NUVO, una bebida alcoholica de vodka y frutas; la botella es en forma de un pinta labios (lipstick), hermosa la botella y rica la bebida.

Ya son las ocho de la noche, y vamos a empezar el show. Sale Viktor Franovik al podium; le da la benvenida a todos, explica las creaciones  y da comienzo al desfile. Son viente (20) modelos, la colecion es de invierno; los colores adecuados a la época de fiestas, (rojos, verdes, negros, blancos, platiados, azules y se colaron anarajados)  adornados con lentejuelas y canutillos.

Terminó el desfile con la salida de Francisco Pérez-disenador de modas principal de Franovik y Viktor Franovik para dar las gracias y cercar el show.

Entre cena y desfile, las cadenas de televisión Univision, NBC, y Propix TV nos entrevistaron (Francisco y Viktor) y a las diseñadoras de maquillaje y pelo. Tambien tuvimos a los medios escritos como Lifestyles Magazine, Sun Sentinel, Keel Magazine, Latin Connection Magazine, Natural Awakenings, y ciudad Weston.

El evento lleno de fotógrafos, la fotografa oficial del evento Suzanne Barton, y los fotógrafos de FRANOVIK DESIGNS, Beatriz Stilwell y su grupo entre ellos Michael Wright y Phoenix.    

La noche fue un éxito, Doris Muscarella llevaba un vestido rojo, tambien creado por Franovik Designs, entre mesa y mesa, cumplio su funcion crear un evento exitoso. Vamos hablar un poco de su empresa.
Esta empresa fue creada por su presidenta, Doris Muscarella, de origen puertorriqueña, "The Women of the Roundtable", o Las Mujeres de la Mesa Redonda es una compañia sin fines de lucro; Doris hace las relaciones públicas y mercadeo a compañias (a una tarifa muy modica) que necesita ayuda  con campañas publicitarias, mercadeo , creación de eventos, conferencias, fiestas, etc.

Visiten todas las páginas:,,,,,,,, &

Entren a FACEBOOK, y busquen a:  Face Future o KN Cosmetics, Linda's Fashion Shoes, Yenny Fashion Jewelry, y Ethereal Management.

Hasta la próxima,

Viktor Franovik

Friday, July 13, 2012

Franovik's Green Couture for the Women of the Roundtable

The evening started at 1:30pm for us, It was raining so we had to park in front to take everything down; understand the designers need to get there earlier because we have clothes to take down, pull out of bags and set up for the models once they arrive.

So we got to the Signature Grand, and Miss Terri welcomed us with a great BIG Smile, as she normally does to everyone visiting The Grand.

We were told where to go and as we are heading there, Miss Polly Wilkie-President of the Prestige Club, walks in with three of our models, hugs and kisses are usually the welcome between models and designers.

As we start to move, I see another model, key model actually, It's Aubrey and her mother Diane; I drop my stuff and run over to them, almost running into the glass door.... can you imagine, "Blooper" running into the door.
I love these women and they also drove down from Naples so extra attention is taken to my peeps!!! As we walk in, we are instructed that we have the suite with three (3) rooms and a bigger smile is put on my face.

We get to the suite and I start assigning areas; one was for hair, another for makeup and the other for changing, and we still have the welcoming area.  
I walk out and see Linda, our service manager. Linda wants to make sure everything is okay , I needed stools which we got super fast and then agreed to what time food was going to be served.

Food was amazing, we had all kinds of wraps, fruits, cheeses and drinks. So the girls, parents, hair designers, make up designers and Francisco pigged out. I on the other hand, could not partake cause I was running around, but I managed to taste three(3) grapes.
The photographers started arriving, Beatriz Stilwell was the first. She is one of the photographers I use at photo shoots. She invited a few others in her photography group.

Second to arrive was the official event Photographer, Suzanne Barton, she photographed everything and everyone; what a classy lady. The other photographers came in, among them Phoenix and Michael Wright, a few others which I did not catch their names.  Then Univision, NBC and Tropix TV.

We were interviewed the fabulous Andrea Chediak from Univision in Spanish and Nick from Tropix in English.
NO events goes without a hitch, and there were a few;  lighting was one, sound was another and visual was the other. It all got taken care of, so no further complaints.

 I will tell you the runway was spectacular, it was exactly what I wanted.  I was going in and out of the ballroom, my sponsors coming in. The first to show her pretty face was Kathy Nunez, CEO & Make Up Artist of Face Future-KN Cosmetics came in first to set up.
Kathy had to work fast because she was in charge of three other MUA's and we were using her products, so it was up to her Mom (Diana) and Son (Sean) to take care of the sponsor table. They look very cute behind the table...Then it was Yenny Machado, Owner and President of Yenny Fashions jewelry.

Yenny had so much stuff she could have filled 3 additional tables, WOW, great stuff. Following Yenny was Latoya Edwards, President and distributor of OrganoGold coffee. The coffee was wonderful;  you know South Floridians and coffee-it's a love affair that expands decades, if not centuries, so she was a big hit.

Following Latoya came Celinda, owner of Linda's Fashion Shoes. Linda Fashion Shoes provided shoes for all the girls, they brought 120 pairs of shoes-all linked to the colors of our dresses. They had the end table and as I understand, they all had some sales, nothing to brag about but something, something.
As the night progressed, we were interviewed by Univision, NBC, Sun Sentinel, Tropix TV, Lifestyles Publications, Ciudad Weston Newspaper, Natural Awakenings, Latin Connection, among others.

The Suite also became photo and interview heaven; Media came in, all the girls were there along with hair, Ola Wilkerson-CEO of Illusion's Hair Boutique, Schacle Powell  and Beatric Jean.  Makeup, Kathy Nunez-CEO of Face Future-KN Cosmetics, Evy Maquillaje, Kristine Kelly and staff makeup artists.

We are pulled away again to the ballroom, where I meet up with Miss Kandee G, MC of the event to go over the fashion show, garment description and how we were going to start the program.
I opened the show and introduced Kandee G, after she taking the walk down the runway, since we made her dress as well. So the fashion show begins, 20 girls strutting their stuff to DIVA. It's an upbeat song that talks about DIVAS, just the right song for my models, ALL DIVAS (Jana, Aubrey, Lauren, Karen, Lydia, Nina, Paige, Kiara, Christine, Andrea, Gaby, Fernanda, Giselle, Karen P, Karina, Marina, Meily, Taylor, Arianna, and Cindy) not in that order.  Lauren opened the show and Jana closed the show.

So the show was over, it took 16 minutes start to finish. I ended the show with remarks and thank you's; I'm sure I forgot so many people. I tried to remember as much as I could but I was really tired. I asked Kathy, Ola, and Shay to come up to be acknowledged and made them walk the runway too.
I went back to suite, to put all the dresses in bags and try to see all my models before they left. Most of them were gone, the few that stayed had parents and they picked up as well.

We were quite hungry and went to eat something and drove Yenny, jewelry designer home to Miami Beach. The day turned into 12 hours, we got to the Signature Grand at 1:30pm and got home the following day at 1:30am.
I'm very happy everything turned out ok, now it's waiting for pictures from the photographers.  I can't wait, trust I'm dying here, you see I'm spoiled;  I work with many photographers but there are two (2) photographers (Don Seidman and Simon Soong) that give me pictures disc's as we leave the event.   

Anyway, I will only have to wait a few more hours, Suzanne Barton is preparing a picture disc which I will pick up tomorrow. Christopher, my production Director did happen to take a few pictures and they are the ones you are seeing here.....
You see someone is always looking out...Thank you to everyone that took part in some shape or form. I wanted to mention a few others: NUVO Sparkling Vodka, Ethereal Management, Hip Chick, Keel Magazine, Ginette Bover, Latin Connection Magazine, Beatriz Stilwell, Carmen Goodman, among others.  

A special thanks to Polly WIlkie of the Prestige Club and the Doris Muscarella, President, Public Relations and Marketing Specialist of the Women of the Roundtable.

Viktor Franovik

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Hello Everyone,

As part of the crew for Franovik's Elements of Green 2012-Green Couture fashion show on July 12; Miss Ola Wilkerson and her staff will be gracing our models with hair and products.

Ola Wilkerson is Founder of Illusion Hair Industries LLC, which operates Illusion
Hair Boutique and The Illusion Warehouse. She is an International Hair Merchant
and Hair Industry Consultant, Hair Educator, and an International Business
Graduate from Florida International University.

Illusion Hair Industries only supplies the finest imported Virgin Indian Remy
Hair from India and Brazilian and Peruvian Remy hair from China. Custom
Celebrity Lace Wigs and Closures are also available on pre-order basis. Illusion
Hair Boutique provides quality Hair and Hair products to Political elite,
Celebrities, and All Woman seeking to create a new hair illusion with Quality

Ola Wilkerson has had a passion for hair since the age of 12 years old. By the
age of 21 she became a hair distributor for a hair company and then became GM of
the Company. With this experience she created her own hair company Illusion Hair
Industries formerly known as Illusion Industries. She has traveled to India and
Europe to make direct contact with her hair suppliers and has numerous clients
and wholesalers in China, France, St. Thomas, Jamaica, Bahamas and throughout
the United States. She is a Hair Educator at Loraine's Academy, Fortres College
and Manhattan Beauty School in St. Petersburg, FL. 

Illusion Hair Boutique offers Wholesale,  Retail, Hair Distribution opportunities

and Hair and Makeup Classes. We travel throughout the US hosting Hair Parties
and have exhibitor booths in Hair Shows. We also network with celebrity stylist,
designers, and Makeup artist for fashion shows and photo shoots.

Illusion Hair boutique currently featured Hair Stylist Schacle Powell. She is a
talented hair stylist who is on the rise. Katherine Nunez is our featured Makeup
Artist who is the Instructor of Illusion Hair Boutique Makeup Classes. She is
the Founder of KN Cosmetics.  

The future of Illusion Hair Industries is going in the direction of Manufacturing.

Ola Wilkerson currently has her own hair line; however, she wants to own a
manufacturing factory overseas. "I want to be apart of the Vertical
Integration process of my product.

The manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and distribution. I want to own a Factory,
Shipping Barge, and Trucking Company in the future. I currently have a store
and have wholesalers who buy from me. I love what I do and I enjoy making women
look more beautiful and excited about their new look."     
Contact Info:
Ola Wilkerson
17863091442 or 9544715170
For booking email:
For Retail and Wholesale purchases:

Want to head over to the show to see our creations, Ola's and Kathy's work? Then pick up the phone and call 877 733 3135 or and buy tickets. It's a great cause: The Children of South Florida....

Thank you,

Viktor Franovik
954 560-4817

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Participating in Elements of Green 2012-Series

July 12 at the Signature Grand in Davie, Florida. Franovik Designs is showcasing their Fall/Gala collections at the Women of the Roundtable annual fashion Show. Along with Franovik; Kathy Nunez, owner and make-up artist of KN Cosmetics/Face Future will be doing hair and make-up for all the models in the show.
Kathy will also do hair and make up for Doris Muscarella, the Master of Ceremony (TBD) and a few other presenters at the event. KN was founded in 2011, from then Kathy has been mixing her way to the top with amazing high definition foundations, customized eye shadows, and customized unique lipsticks colors.

Kathy has been busy at work doing make up for such celebrities as Tito Puente Jr., DJ SAMA from 93.9 and 80's Stars like Fascination and Marla G, and Miss Latina Pageant contestants among  others and has been Latin Connection Magazine and Amore Magazine, an international magazine currently being distributed in Europe. She is also a professional makeup artist that is currently doing makeup classes at ILLusion Boutique in North Miami Beach.

Kathy will have a sponsor-vendor table at the show, go by and pick up a few things, everything is custom made so if you want something and it's not there, she'll create it for you. Kathy, like all sponsors, including Franovik will donate proceeds of her sales to the charity. Check out her facebook page, KN Cosmetics or
Please participate in this very important show of all shows for the under previledged children of South Florida. See you there, remember July 12th @ 5:30 pm.

Viktor Franovik

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Franovik does it again for Elements of Green, our fashion show division. The Women of the Roundtable, a 501c3 company directed by Doris Muscarella, fundraises for a great cause; Women of the Rountable and Franovik Designs unite forces to raise funds for the Prestige Club.

Join us at the Signature Grand in Davie on July 12. Sponsorship opportunities available.

Thank you,

Viktor Franovik

Sunday, April 29, 2012


I sometimes wonder what this means...I use it all the time...GIVING BACK, to me means just back to the community, to my parents, to my siblings, to my friends but mostly to those in need.

Most of the time, giving back to the ones that mostly need has a profound meaning but when one gives to them and to those that help, one wonders do they really give back and help. It's just like the government, do you really see the moneys, do you see a change for the better.

I, myself and as designers, we try to make a difference in our daily lives. In my heart I want to give more and more and want to help those in need. That is my motto and I know I do it because I work in a hospital, helping patients and their family members and I am involved with organizations, foundations and charities that do this.

I wanted to mention a few and organizations I give too. It's obvious that I am going to mention AIDS organizations because I'm gay and I want to make sure we are all giving to AIDS research, cause you never know when ones time is up.
The other obvious one is children cause I love children and since I can't have any, well I guess it's my way of fathering those that need. I also love animals and donate to them as well. I want to give those without voices, a voice.
I'm a sucker for commercials that show abused animals... who would do such a thing? After a while, when I hear the commercial coming on I turn away from it, it's really heartbreaking....

Women causes, be it health or crisis is another charity and I have been giving to veterans association since 1995. We all must thank our armed forces men and women for keeping us safe and also allowing us to be free.

The environment is another one we help by recycling garbage at home and creating fashions from recycled materials, fabrics, vintage pieces, family heirlooms and stuff just laying around. Why create more garbage when we re-use sometime that already exists and re-create a "Wearable Piece of Art", something you can actually wear again and again not a PAPER or PLASTIC  garment.

For those of you that follow us; we are currently working on a fundraising show with the Women of the Roundtable and the Prestige Club. Both of these organizations are 501C3 companies, and are part of a huge network of companies, non and for profit organizations that GIVE BACK, (there goes that phrase again) by raising money for social causes.

The show will be at the Signature Grand in Davie on July 12. The date was changed because of an overbooking, it's all good, so we have more time to create more fabulous designs from recycled materials, fabrics and vintage pieces.

You all should make a B Line to this event, because GIVING BACK  is what's it all about.....There are opportunities to sponsor a table for $1000.00 and also tables to showcase your products or services for a mere $350.00. Remember it's a charity and a good cause!
We will be working with a few other folks that day: KN Cosmetics will be doing hair and makeup, Brunella Shoes will be providing shoes and Yenny Fashion Jewelry will place their jewelry on the models which will complement our dresses.  
For more information on the show reach me, or Doris at Tickets: or call 1 877 733 3135.
See you there!!

Viktor Franovik

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Franovik Designs,, with the assistance of the Women of the Roundtable,, showcased pieces of the new collection and some other classic pieces in the extraordinary Riverside Hotel.

Among the models were Lauren Goodman, Staci Lyon and Yazmin Villena.

The photographer was renown photographer Don Seidman; former photographer for the Miss Universe Organization, Miss Earth United States Organization as well for the Mrs America and Mrs World organizations.

Don, who has over 40 years of experience has worked for Wilhelmina Slater, Eileen Ford, John Casablanca, Barbizon International, just to mention a few. Visit Don’s website,, and see the wonders of photography.

The shoot was taken all around the hotel including the gorgeous “original” chimneys and the intercoastal. I organized lunch for my models and staff. The food and the staff were incredible. We had the Sagamore conference room, which opened out into a lush tropical sitting area, perfect for pictures. Fellow designers, this is the hotel for a photo shoot, any event and/or wedding.

I had my models in our collection, on the second floor balcony overlooking the Las Olas Blvd, It was great. Folks walking and having lunch on Las Olas were looking at the shoot, some were taking pictures and some had video cameras filming the shoot. We were stars on that Balcony.

Staci was waving and saying hello to everyone; especially when a cute car, as she put it, drove by.

On set, Franovik's Lead Designer Francisco Perez; Francisco made sure that all the dressess were placed on the right models and made minor adjustments to each piece. I, had the task to style all models and pieces and this time we had a new make up artist named Rebecca,

The Riverside Hotel is also the official host hotel for the Winterfest Boat Parade; where Franovik Designs had a boat in the parade in 2009, a 50 foot Catamaran #87. That year we were sponsors and dressed Lisa Scott-Founds,

Winterfest’s President, Susan Renneisen, Vice President of Events at the incredible Seminole Hard Rock Hotel, Business Owner Connie Chaney and Ms Latina International Esther Dollar.

Here is a little history on the Riverside hotel,

In the early 1900s, Las Olas made its mark in Fort Lauderdale as a thorough fare between the mainland and the beach. However, it was more than 70 years ago that Las Olas Boulevard became an American icon. The charming yet upscale destination that we know today — filled with boutiques, restaurants and art galleries — started as a vision of the enterprising Wells brothers, Preston and John. In the 1930s, these Chicago businessmen fell in love with the warm and sunny winters of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The Wells brothers soon launched The Las Olas Company, which still owns Riverside Hotel and many Las Olas retail buildings. Back then, well-known politicians, well-heeled tourists and Hollywood celebrities immediately became fans of Las Olas Boulevard and Riverside Hotel — and a new cosmopolitan crop of fans strolls the casually sophisticated promenade every day.

Riverside Hotel is located in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale with a combination of traditional and new accommodations and the most spectacular views, on trendy Las Olas Boulevard which features cool sub-tropical breezeways and courtyards alive with sidewalk cafes, lively nightclubs, chic boutiques, art galleries, and world class restaurants.

The only hotel on Las Olas Boulevard, Riverside Hotel features Indigo Restaurant, Golden Lyon Vintage Pub, and Preston’s Wine & Martini Lounge. Guests enjoy the outside pool and sundeck with a beautiful view of the yachts cruising by on the New River just steps away.

Divided by a median of flowers and shady trees, Las Olas Boulevard is Fort Lauderdale’s most desirable location and runs from the center of the Downtown Business District to the Atlantic Ocean and Fort Lauderdale Beach. The name “Las Olas” means “The Waves” in Spanish.

Only four miles away from Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, Greater Fort Lauderdale & Broward County Convention Center and Port Everglades, and less than two miles from Fort Lauderdale Beach, Riverside Hotel is the perfect location for your time in South Florida. Whether your attire is swimsuits, business suits or wedding white, Riverside Hotel is the Fort Lauderdale hotel for your Florida vacation. See you on the Boulevard!

Viktor Franovik

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Sunday, January 8, 2012


This year, as one of the events FRANOVIK will participate will be the Renaissance Ball to benefit Prestige Club at the Signature Grand, January 28th.
We will be dressing Lady Doris Muscarella and Lord Daniel Kolber. Lady Doris, President of Women of the Roundtable will be honored for her outstanding work in the community for Women of the Roundtable, WRT Charitable Foundation and The Children's Diagnostic and Treatment Center.
Lady Doris and Lord Daniel will be wearing fashions made from recycled curtains and table runners. The event promises to be a night to remember. For more information, contact Lady Doris at
Also check out our websites for future events, and
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