Wednesday, May 26, 2010


FRANOVIK'S Lead Fashion Designer, Francisco Perez being interviewed at an Ocean Drive event in South Beach.

Among the questions asked, Why ECO/Green fashions versus the norm? The answer, I am a designer, no matter what I do or what materials I use; I chose to do ECO/Green because I (we) believe we must help our environment, we must protect and promote the message of conservation.

If I, as a designer can give back by creating wearable fashions from discarded fabrics and materials, instead of disposing them to a landfill or burning them, then lets create unique pieces that can be worn on a daily basis.

Just a little history of how we started. We started doing "recycled fashions" a long time ago; we were creating carnival and halloween costumes from bits and pieces, recycled fabrics and materials.

If you design or are someone that likes to make clothes, you know alot of the fabric or material that is cut are large pieces that are left over; then you have to decide either to throw away and store it.

At times this becomes overwhelming because you have so many pieces (if you saved it), and it sits there for a while taking up space. What about your old curtains, tablecloths, or any other material just laying around? With a little imagination, you can it life by creating a fashion forward garment that you can use time and time again.

That goes for vintage pieces as well. It's sitting in your closest just begging to be worn again, depending on the year it was made, it could be dated. You could be bold enough and wear it and just say it's coming back in style or create something new from it.

All you need to do is think what can I create from that and remember, GO GREEN!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Annette and MOTIVES crew at work

Last Sunday at the Famous BILTMORE Hotel in Coral Gables; Annette Rosales and MOTIVE make up artists work on the models to a local fashion show.

We were back stage, as Fashion Designers and MOTIVES distributors, I completely appreciate all the running around and "Got to get it done" within the time constraints.

There were three artists including Annette; These ladies worked fast putting on bright beautiful eye shadows, blended foundations especially made for each model, lining eyes and lips, finishing off with the amazing lipsticks, and an added bonus, the models wanted nail candy (MOTIVES nail polish).

All in all a great MOTIVES evening! We did not stay for the show, we had our own photo shoot to go too; and Yes, we used MOTIVES too.

Our photo shoot is for our magazine MODELS&DESIGNERS ( and a local luxury Hotel that is putting together their own magazine (hint, hint-Downtown Miami).

Here are Annette and her team of MOTIVES make up artists....To purchase this incredible product go to: GO MOTIVES and GREEN!



Friday, May 14, 2010


Hello Everyone,

Just a friendly reminder, I am starting to work on getting sponsors for the upcoming magazine launching, Models&Designers. It has been a pleasure working with all my cherished models and photographers. My lead fashion designer, Francisco Perez has been wonderful to me and has created beautiful pieces for the shows and the magazine editorials.

I have been reviewing the future cover of the magazine. There are so many i can choose from, there is Jana Murrell, Miss Earth United States 2008, Aubrey Carr, Jolie Schamber, current titleholders for the Miss Earth organization, and a few other model editorials.

M&D will be fashion standard, 9x12, perfect bound, glossy cover and pages and it will include articles and interviews. The first issue will have an interview with Belinda Carlisle, ex-gogo and her son. Some articles will feature Tessa Boudreaux, Esther Dollar, Carmen Martinez, Christopher DeStefano, among others.

I would like to feature professionals from design, media, cosmetic, pageant world, just to mention a few, to write an article for the magazine. Models&Designers will also have my picture version of Facebook called "Out&About W/ FRANOVIK", as well as editorial shots and editorials with future sponsors.

Check out the website, Sponsors interested in the magazine please contact me: or

Thank you,


Saturday, May 1, 2010


Yesterday at Gerry Kelly's Fabulous MI-VI Club located in Hallandale Beach, Florida the designers of Franovik were interviewed on the red carpet at the crowning of the two new titleholders, Ms Latina International World (Diana Schoutsen) and Ms Latina International Super Model (Linet Bruzon).

Franovik Designs, the official designers for the Ms Latina International Organization, creates and confections exclusive pieces for all the titleholders including Owner and Pageant Director, Angela Posillico. They are also exclusive costume designers for Miss Earth United States, Miss Teen Earth United States and have dressed titleholders for Miss Intercontinental Florida, Miss Intercontinental Cuba, Miss Earth Cuba, Miss Essence World, and recently Miss Carnival Miami.

On their interview, Francisco and Viktor spoke about their collections on Green Fashion and recently Elements of Green. As Eco Designers, we want to preserve and help our environment by making eco friendly fashions from recycled fabrics, materials and vintage pieces, says Viktor Franovik.

"Our inspiration comes from what we see; we have to think innovation when we take fabrics, materials, vintage pieces and re-create them to make them our own", says Francisco Perez, Lead Fashion Designer for Franovik Designs.

We want to thank the beautiful Greta from HOLA TV, quite the interviewer, "We want to dress you too Miss Greta". We were also interviewed by Inside Couture, check us out: We get to hear the men behind the designs.

Check out our websites: or, also join our blogs, each site has its', we'd love to hear from you all.

Thank you,

Viktor Franovik