Sunday, April 29, 2012


I sometimes wonder what this means...I use it all the time...GIVING BACK, to me means just back to the community, to my parents, to my siblings, to my friends but mostly to those in need.

Most of the time, giving back to the ones that mostly need has a profound meaning but when one gives to them and to those that help, one wonders do they really give back and help. It's just like the government, do you really see the moneys, do you see a change for the better.

I, myself and as designers, we try to make a difference in our daily lives. In my heart I want to give more and more and want to help those in need. That is my motto and I know I do it because I work in a hospital, helping patients and their family members and I am involved with organizations, foundations and charities that do this.

I wanted to mention a few and organizations I give too. It's obvious that I am going to mention AIDS organizations because I'm gay and I want to make sure we are all giving to AIDS research, cause you never know when ones time is up.
The other obvious one is children cause I love children and since I can't have any, well I guess it's my way of fathering those that need. I also love animals and donate to them as well. I want to give those without voices, a voice.
I'm a sucker for commercials that show abused animals... who would do such a thing? After a while, when I hear the commercial coming on I turn away from it, it's really heartbreaking....

Women causes, be it health or crisis is another charity and I have been giving to veterans association since 1995. We all must thank our armed forces men and women for keeping us safe and also allowing us to be free.

The environment is another one we help by recycling garbage at home and creating fashions from recycled materials, fabrics, vintage pieces, family heirlooms and stuff just laying around. Why create more garbage when we re-use sometime that already exists and re-create a "Wearable Piece of Art", something you can actually wear again and again not a PAPER or PLASTIC  garment.

For those of you that follow us; we are currently working on a fundraising show with the Women of the Roundtable and the Prestige Club. Both of these organizations are 501C3 companies, and are part of a huge network of companies, non and for profit organizations that GIVE BACK, (there goes that phrase again) by raising money for social causes.

The show will be at the Signature Grand in Davie on July 12. The date was changed because of an overbooking, it's all good, so we have more time to create more fabulous designs from recycled materials, fabrics and vintage pieces.

You all should make a B Line to this event, because GIVING BACK  is what's it all about.....There are opportunities to sponsor a table for $1000.00 and also tables to showcase your products or services for a mere $350.00. Remember it's a charity and a good cause!
We will be working with a few other folks that day: KN Cosmetics will be doing hair and makeup, Brunella Shoes will be providing shoes and Yenny Fashion Jewelry will place their jewelry on the models which will complement our dresses.  
For more information on the show reach me, or Doris at Tickets: or call 1 877 733 3135.
See you there!!

Viktor Franovik