Saturday, December 11, 2010


Christmas Cheer Recipe -- Combine loads of good wishes, heartfuls of love and armfuls of hugs. Sprinkle with laughter and garnish with mistletoe. Top off with presents. Serves everyone!

Your Designers wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the luck the New Year.

Viktor, Francisco, Norma

& the Whole Franovik Family.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


The City of Fort Lauderdale are re-investing in several cities by installing new and re-paving sidewalks in efforts to beautify streets in local neighborhoods and main roadways like State Road 7 (441) among others.

As you all know, when this happens many of us are inconvenienced and some items suffer like home landscapes, bushes and most of all trees.

We planted a beautiful Poinciana tree several years ago in the front on our home, sure enough because of the re-paving of the sidewalks; our tree was going to suffer, meaning it was going to be removed.

This tree is a floral tree full of rich red and orange flowers, its quite a spectacle when the tree is in bloom. This tree also attracts native birds and insects that like the sap of the flowers.

The tree is four (4) years old; the tree was going to be torn down, because it was in the way and it’s the easy way out of things. Luckily, there are people that care for the environment and go the extra mile to save it.

Throughout the process, Frank and Gloria, our neighbor spoke to several of the workers, who said the tree was going to be cut down and anything along the way of progress including Gloria’s fountain that was brought down from Guatemala.

When I got wind of what was going to happen to the tree, I started to contact the city, the contractor; I even called the commissioner. If I had too I would have gone higher including the governor. The project manager, Marcus was a gentleman, got a hold of me and came over to survey my house and come up with a solution to my dilemma.

Finally, we reached an agreement; the sidewalk was going to get a small shift, clearing the tree of its path and saving the tree. So I achieved the goal of saving my tree.

The sidewalk was done up to the property line of my house, you see the bulldozer behind the tree, starting Monday they start paving the front of my house, let us pray the approval is not over turned, as this is becoming a common practice in our country (hint, hint) but that’s another story or shall I say stories.

A MIRACLE ON MY STREET! Happy Holidays and Go Green!

Viktor Franovik