Sunday, August 3, 2014

Quince/Sweet16, Prom and your Wedding

This week we, Francisco and I met with a new client for a one to one consult. We spoke about her event, a day wedding and what she was looking to achieve.


She is a single woman and besides wanting to have fun at her friend's wedding, she would like to find someone to spend some time with, possibly a new man or men in her life. We discussed what her likes were; we discussed color, dress cut, what she thought was her best and worst asset. We also discussed, since we are a one stop shop, styling and her budget for accessories.


As part of our consult process, we take time to listen and read between the lines, and prepare ourselves for pep talks, some clients have issues with low self esteem because they are not tall enough, or pretty enough, etc, etc, so we are always prepared for that.  We don't have a time limit, whatever time it takes, but as a general rule of thumb, we normally set aside 5 hours.


After an hour and half, our new client put down a deposit and left the studio which we call CASA FRANOVIK.


Among the conversations we pointed out, in our opinion, there are three (3) important dresses in a woman's life: Quince/Sweet 16, Prom/Cotillion and the ultimate and most important Your Wedding Dress.


Anyone serious about these know these pieces must be as exclusive as they can be, you DO NOT want to walk in and see someone else wearing your dress and looking better than you, that would be disastrous.


One thing that I would like to mention, don't think because you are getting a custom made garment, it's going to cost you an arm and a leg; not necessarily, most designers want to put their work out there unless it's a huge name, then you are paying for bragging rights to say,  "I'm wearing a CHANEL original".


While choosing a local designer, check websites, or Google their names, email or call and ask questions. Set up an appointment, if the designers are to your liking.


Once you have decided, you and the designers will be in constant contact. You will need to sit and look at fabric swatches until you decide which fabric you want. Let's say you have decided on the fabric, the design, and the look you are going for; you have said yes,  we start the construction of  our piece, you will need to make yourself available for fittings, there will be a few. Always bring shoes with you, does not have to be the ones you will be wearing with the outfit but a pair you are comfortable with and has the height you will be wearing.


Once the garment is finished, last fitting with shoes and you are satisfied, you get to take your custom made garment with you to show off.  You can wear your garment proudly and know "No one will be wearing your Dress".....Have fun!!!!!


Viktor Franovik



Throughout time fashion designers have influenced the way we look at clothes and the importance of dressing for every occasion. Designers create looks, and excitement. We tell people what looks good and convince the masses of the next big style.

The fashion industry is a global industry, where fashion designers, manufacturers, merchandisers, and retailers from all over the world collaborate to design, manufacture, and sell clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Fashion is subjective and competitive yet there's fashion for everyone. Some like comfortable, some like Jeans and a tank and others like Haute Couture. We like fashion and we like creating it. Fashion is beautiful when done right.

When we sit and look for inspiration, we look for beautiful, remember "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", so what's beautiful for me might not be for you. So when we look at something, we look at the color, shape, and texture. We look at things lying around, pick it up and look at its versatility and at that moment it hits us and we create.

We are recycled fashion designers; we create one of a kind "Wearable Pieces of Art" from recycled fabrics, materials and vintage pieces, which would normally sit in your closet taking up space. When you get tired of it, you give it away or take it to a goodwill thrift store or it ends up in the garbage then finally a landfill to pollute our environment.

Why not re-think that, be creative, think outside the box, look at other options for that piece. There are so many items out there to re-vamp an older piece or a piece that is out of style. Cut it, rip it, give it a different shape, style it, glue stones or patchwork.

Go to your local fabric, and craft store and see what's out there. Who knows that can be an opportunity for you to get closer to your family and make it a family project.

Remember the infamous line, "I saw it the window and I just couldn't resist it", we say and think that all the time.

We love vintage and working with vintage pieces, we really look at the piece and re-create the vintage piece into something new and fresh.

We receive many vintage donations from friends, clients, followers and have purchased a few pieces from time to time. What we like to do, although small but effective is to recycle and create beautiful garments that you can wear on daily basis or evening wear.

We have had the opportunity and pleasure of dressing family members, friends which have led us to produce garments for beautiful people in the entertainment and fashion industry and lately very influential women here in South Florida.

Also our garments have received national and international attention from the pageant industry; we have dressed some of the most beautiful women in the world.

 Among the pageant systems we have catered to have been Miss Earth United States and Miss Teen Earth United States national pageant as well the Florida delegation; Miss Essence Florida, Ms Latina International, Ms Latina World, Miss International and our garments have been worn at welcoming parties at Miss World and Miss Universe.

We've come a long way from creating Carnival and Halloween costumes using recycled materials, fabrics and vintage pieces.

Had we known this was going to be the way of the future, we would have started even sooner, although no one was doing recycled/green fashion when we started.  

We have truly enjoyed putting together our collections; we have 12 collections so far and will continue to look to Experience Couture using recycled materials.  
Visit our website, to see and read about the lastest designs and news.
Viktor Franovik
CEO, Designer-Stylist

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Tis' the season for giving, for opening up our hearts to give and receive the goodness of the season and humanity. Time to reflex on all of the events of the year and the people that surround us.

Christmas for some is a little more stressful, especially for those that have huge families, tons of friends and employees. If you are a giver, like myself, you kind of become Santa.
I like to make lists, not because it's Christmas, because I make lists for everything. I do have a naughty and nice list.

Spouses or partners, family members, friends and even my employees are thought about, I think of each one and buy something from the heart that represents who they are in my mind and what they mean to me.

So each gift, bought or made, had a thought process behind it. Now getting to the gift cards, don't get me wrong, I like gift cards because no one knows what to buy me so it's easier for the giver. What I get from everyone is  you're hard to buy for. My response is, if you really know me it is so easy to get me a little something, something!!
With regards to gift cards, this is what goes through my mind when I get when I get a gift card; you did not think of me, you got it just to get something and some people would be insulted (hint, hint) because you did not put on your thinking cap and look back or think back when we had conversations, or when you visited my office, or my house or really looked at what I wore, colors I frequently use, or smelled the perfume or cologne I wore, ETC. These are little things you catch when speaking or dealing with someone.

I speak to stylists, personal and corporate shoppers and they will tell you, always think of whom you are shopping for and make your decision prior to shopping, it will make your shopping experience easier. So don't be discouraged on giving gifts cards, they're great but they should be your last resort.
BTW, if you find yourself giving gift cards, Department stores are safe to give; if you are buying for a special someone, at least know what they like, for example, an athlete should get a gifts card from Sports Authority or Dicks, not Home Goods; your grandmother should not get a gift card from Victoria Secrets, maybe Ann Taylor or have something specially made for her from us,, and if all else fails and you don't know which card to get, you can never go wrong with food.  

Have a Happy Holiday!!!

Viktor Franovik



Saturday, July 20, 2013

FRANOVIK will show the awaited MEN collection called FUNKY

Gentlemen, after creating stunning pieces for the women of the world, we have decided to put out the collection everyone has been waiting for FUNKY by Franovik.

All of the pieces Francisco and I have worn in the past shows were all created by us, it was not available to you, the consumer. Now in a "Landmark" decision we are going to give it a go.

Now our male fans can be seen in "Wearable Pieces of Art" for men. We are proud, overdue but after a small hiatus, Francisco and I regrouped and decided to change gears.

This show promises to the highlight of the year, another important show stopper for the Beautiful city of Panama. I have been to Panama so many times, even want to buy an apartment or house for vacations.
Panama is full of history, the people are friendly, the food amazing, shopping is incredible and cheap, the beautiful sights and I can't forget the Nightlife, it's another Miami or San Juan, these cities are always compared.

Everyone should visit Panama at least once in their lifetime...Actually, you should all make plans to visit Panama in October and head to Panama Latin Fashion Week.

On a personal note, I want to take this time to thank our very special friend, FEDERICO VISUETTI, you have restored our faith in something called friendship. Mucho Exito y Mil Bendiciones para ti y tu familia!!!!
See you there!!!!

Viktor Franovik

FRANOVIK on their way to Panama Latin Fashion Week

Franovik Designs invited to the well awaited Panama Latin Fashion Week. This very important fashion show is produced by the world renown Panamanian designer Federico Visuetti.

We had the pleasure of participating together in 2009 while doing Funkshion Fashion Week in Miami. Although we did not get to work together we always felt the respect among our peers.

Earlier this year, we almost got the chance to work together again at the DREADFUL NIGHTMARE  Latin fashion show in New York, but as luck had it, Federico was spared the whole ANGUISH, Thank God (TG).  

This show promises to the highlight of the year, another important show stopper for the Beautiful city of Panama. I have been to Panama so many times, even want to buy an apartment or house for vacations.

Panama is full of history, the people are friendly, the food amazing, shopping is incredible and cheap, the beautiful sights and I can't forget the Nightlife, it's another Miami or San Juan, these cities are always compared.

Everyone should visit Panama at least once in their lifetime...Actually, you should all make plans to visit Panama in October and head to Panama Latin Fashion Week.

See you there!!!!

Viktor Franovik

Thursday, July 11, 2013


I had the pleasure of interviewing Don Seidman; although I had written a draft prior to the interview, I really have to re-think this whole article. I need to do all my readers proud.

I was amazed by this Man's life. I knew of some of his accomplishments, mostly his pageant work and the stuff we have done together and, but it was a true joy to learn more about Don and his body of work.

I will start by saying Don Seidman is an American photojournalist primarily working for himself with an extensive resume expanding over 50 years of work and collaboration.

Don being a professional and a perfectionist brought over 5 photo albums and his IPAD for me to look over, we looked at the books one by one and each picture had a story.

At 19, Don served on the USS Saratoga carrier while in the US Navy; while there he received training as a photographer and photographed all the events for 2 years. As part of his duties, in June of 1956 President Dwight (Ike) Eisenhower came on aboard to watch air maneuvers. Don was assigned and had the opportunity to take candid photos of the Eisenhower, the president staff and the fleet.  

In August 1957 after being discharged, Don always wanted to play baseball and tried out for the Jacksonville braves, an affiliate of the Milwaukee Braves. Don had the desire but realized he was not going to be a major league player so he went back to first love, photography.

After the season was over he went back to Chicago and landed a job at the Harold Gutsman studios, where he photographed debutants and society wedding. Don also became an agent for New York Life insurance, where he sold life insurance for 12 years.  

I was amazed by the stories and the historical events he had pictures of. Don toured Alcatraz after they shout it down, somewhat of the last supper; had pictures of President Dwight Eisenhower and number of celebrities, which he had permission to shoot from their managers and publicists.

Let me tease you all with a few of the BIG names: Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Gloria Estefan, Bob Barker, Norm Crosby, Florence Henderson, Anna Nicole Smith, Howie Mandel, Dick Clark, John Belushi, Don Rickles, Liberace, Harry Chaplin, John Davidson, Joan Rivers, Brook Shields, Paul Newman, Sha Na Na, NSync, just to mention a few.

Don worked and photographed the Chicago Cubs, Barbizon Models for 30 years, Venus Swimwear for 10 years, and the Rock Group Creed for 2 years. In addition, what blew me away was he worked with the greats from modeling agencies like Eileen Ford from FORD models, Wilhelmina from Wilhelmina Models and John Casablanca from John Casablanca schools and modeling. He's the man!!!  

Don also worked with Evil Knievel for 3 years from 1973 to 1976, and yes, he covered the horrific 10 car/3 truck jump where Evil fractured his hand, bruised his back and kidneys. Also covered the 1975 13 single Decker bus jump, where he landed on the last bus, fell and fractured his pelvis, broke his hand and suffered a concussion.    

Don has contributed his work in a magazine called Pageants, a book dedicated to all types of pageants; I looked through it and was quite taken, even had a good laugh with some of the pictures.

His combined areas of expertise include pageants (Miss Universe Organization (US states and International), Mrs. World and Mrs. America, sports venues including the 1995 Super Bowl and all its parties, the World Series in 1997, society weddings, fashion shows & shoots, concerts and the Winterfest Boat Parade.

In 1983, Paul Newman was in Fort Lauderdale filming Harry & Son. Don's studio lot was behind the set where they were filming.  Don walked out and asked Mr. Newman if he could take his picture of him and Mr. Newman graciously agreed. What a Guy!!! 

In 1990, Don was signed as official souvenir photographer for the Miss Universe Organization. There the concepts of pageant posters, and memorabilia became the normal for the pageant system and was adopted by other pageant systems. That relationship lasted for 22 years, where Don photographed the most beautiful women of the world. (Not a bad job for doing something you love and getting paid for it!)

Don also photographs delegates for the Mrs. America and Mrs. World Pageant for the past 12 years.  Don has driven over one million miles throughout North America and one and a half million air miles worldwide on paid jobs.
Among the countries he has visited, Russia, India, Turkey, Hawaii, all the countries in the Caribbean, all the countries in South America and Central America, and still travelling. In September of this year, Don will be flying to China to photograph the Mrs. World pageant.

Don never took it easy, he worked and worked, had no down time for himself but that's what kept him young. A married man, beautiful wife and raised to beautiful daughters, one a Physician Assistant and the other in Marketing Executive.

Fast forward to 2008, the moment Don and I met it was an immediate click for me. I understood and acknowledged this professionals work. I knew in my heart this man was going to be good for me and Franovik's future.

I have had the pleasure of working with Don and he has given me much joy and amazing pictures. Some even becoming ICONIC images in the fashion industry like our yellow dress. Speaking about our yellow dress, this infamous yellow dress has graced the bodies of Beautiful models; obviously no model has been able to create the flower effect that Morgan Quinn has, and NO photographer has been able to capture or re-create the flower effect like Don has. Actually, one of our garments, shot by Don, graced the cover of Elegant Dreams in May 2013.

Don has done dozens of events and photo shoots for us, including the very first fashion show for Miss Earth United States and Miss Teen Earth, Franovik put on in Las Vegas. I am at ease when I know that he is there and I know that I will get amazing pictures.

The comments I get from all my models, my hair and make-up artists, is always the same; they love working with him, no attitudes and an ease to work with. He directs the models and we work together with no issues, you must realize, we are both artists in our own right but to work together, putting egos aside to create the perfect work environment is a task in its own but Don makes it seamless.  

Don is always on time, always very helpful and always a gentlemen. I have worked with many photographers; but none like Don.

This man is in another league, A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

As a token of my appreciation to Don, I wanted to write and showcase this man's work. It's a shame that other people and organizations have not given this man his props. It's been a true honor working with Don and I hope to continue to work with him for many more years.

Viktor Franovik