Sunday, December 1, 2013


Tis' the season for giving, for opening up our hearts to give and receive the goodness of the season and humanity. Time to reflex on all of the events of the year and the people that surround us.

Christmas for some is a little more stressful, especially for those that have huge families, tons of friends and employees. If you are a giver, like myself, you kind of become Santa.
I like to make lists, not because it's Christmas, because I make lists for everything. I do have a naughty and nice list.

Spouses or partners, family members, friends and even my employees are thought about, I think of each one and buy something from the heart that represents who they are in my mind and what they mean to me.

So each gift, bought or made, had a thought process behind it. Now getting to the gift cards, don't get me wrong, I like gift cards because no one knows what to buy me so it's easier for the giver. What I get from everyone is  you're hard to buy for. My response is, if you really know me it is so easy to get me a little something, something!!
With regards to gift cards, this is what goes through my mind when I get when I get a gift card; you did not think of me, you got it just to get something and some people would be insulted (hint, hint) because you did not put on your thinking cap and look back or think back when we had conversations, or when you visited my office, or my house or really looked at what I wore, colors I frequently use, or smelled the perfume or cologne I wore, ETC. These are little things you catch when speaking or dealing with someone.

I speak to stylists, personal and corporate shoppers and they will tell you, always think of whom you are shopping for and make your decision prior to shopping, it will make your shopping experience easier. So don't be discouraged on giving gifts cards, they're great but they should be your last resort.
BTW, if you find yourself giving gift cards, Department stores are safe to give; if you are buying for a special someone, at least know what they like, for example, an athlete should get a gifts card from Sports Authority or Dicks, not Home Goods; your grandmother should not get a gift card from Victoria Secrets, maybe Ann Taylor or have something specially made for her from us,, and if all else fails and you don't know which card to get, you can never go wrong with food.  

Have a Happy Holiday!!!

Viktor Franovik