Sunday, August 3, 2014


Throughout time fashion designers have influenced the way we look at clothes and the importance of dressing for every occasion. Designers create looks, and excitement. We tell people what looks good and convince the masses of the next big style.

The fashion industry is a global industry, where fashion designers, manufacturers, merchandisers, and retailers from all over the world collaborate to design, manufacture, and sell clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Fashion is subjective and competitive yet there's fashion for everyone. Some like comfortable, some like Jeans and a tank and others like Haute Couture. We like fashion and we like creating it. Fashion is beautiful when done right.

When we sit and look for inspiration, we look for beautiful, remember "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", so what's beautiful for me might not be for you. So when we look at something, we look at the color, shape, and texture. We look at things lying around, pick it up and look at its versatility and at that moment it hits us and we create.

We are recycled fashion designers; we create one of a kind "Wearable Pieces of Art" from recycled fabrics, materials and vintage pieces, which would normally sit in your closet taking up space. When you get tired of it, you give it away or take it to a goodwill thrift store or it ends up in the garbage then finally a landfill to pollute our environment.

Why not re-think that, be creative, think outside the box, look at other options for that piece. There are so many items out there to re-vamp an older piece or a piece that is out of style. Cut it, rip it, give it a different shape, style it, glue stones or patchwork.

Go to your local fabric, and craft store and see what's out there. Who knows that can be an opportunity for you to get closer to your family and make it a family project.

Remember the infamous line, "I saw it the window and I just couldn't resist it", we say and think that all the time.

We love vintage and working with vintage pieces, we really look at the piece and re-create the vintage piece into something new and fresh.

We receive many vintage donations from friends, clients, followers and have purchased a few pieces from time to time. What we like to do, although small but effective is to recycle and create beautiful garments that you can wear on daily basis or evening wear.

We have had the opportunity and pleasure of dressing family members, friends which have led us to produce garments for beautiful people in the entertainment and fashion industry and lately very influential women here in South Florida.

Also our garments have received national and international attention from the pageant industry; we have dressed some of the most beautiful women in the world.

 Among the pageant systems we have catered to have been Miss Earth United States and Miss Teen Earth United States national pageant as well the Florida delegation; Miss Essence Florida, Ms Latina International, Ms Latina World, Miss International and our garments have been worn at welcoming parties at Miss World and Miss Universe.

We've come a long way from creating Carnival and Halloween costumes using recycled materials, fabrics and vintage pieces.

Had we known this was going to be the way of the future, we would have started even sooner, although no one was doing recycled/green fashion when we started.  

We have truly enjoyed putting together our collections; we have 12 collections so far and will continue to look to Experience Couture using recycled materials.  
Visit our website, to see and read about the lastest designs and news.
Viktor Franovik
CEO, Designer-Stylist

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