Saturday, July 3, 2010


I am sitting in my car heading to work and my stupid cell phone automatically shuts off or the battery dies on me and I left it charging all night....What's up with that?

I'm a child of the 70's era and trust me everything we had lasted forever. Why is that? It seems like everything made years and years ago lasted longer. Cars, computers, phones, appliances, etc.

I know we live in a country of needs and demands, and the economy is stimulated every time you spend money but the disposable stuff, Whats that all about?

My dad has a Lafayette receiver from New York made in the 70's and that receiver still works
and kicks ass; It's better than any new receiver made today. Trust me, I love technology and I am a tech whore; I've gone through several receivers, and not junk brands either but they konk out.

I think the life expectancy of any new device is about a year; or the product is recalled or 6 months later a newer version comes out (Ipad-hint, hint).

Let's face it people, we live in a disposable America, everything is made by cheap labor, and the parts used are not the best, we've gone smaller and not necessarily better just faster.

I'd like to go back to those days where devices and products were made to last; A big majority of us are impulse buyers, we want to be seen with the in gadgets. We don't need someone to make a crappy products!

Look we're vain and always going to get the new version of a product even if we can't afford it.

We want to be seen with new "IT" things and devices. We don't want our friends, or colleagues to ridicule us because we have the older version of any device, OMG. Same thing goes in our homes, especially for those that like to entertain.

Right now the BIG items to have is the IPAD, Iphone 4G or any other 4G cellphone, portable scanners and the 3D TV, not a 27 inch, we're talking 52 inch or bigger.

Now the question is how long will the new devices and products last? Trust me even those are disposables and you're paying top dollar.

My next issue to tackle computers, new programs, upgrades and those dreaded viruses. Yours thoughts?


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