Sunday, July 18, 2010


Since it's inception, Franovik Designs has been involved with many pageants and beauty queens.

We are official costume designers for the Miss Earth United States organization, official designers for the Ms Latina International organization and have dressed delegates for the Miss Earth Cuba, Miss Cuba International, Miss Florida Intercontinental, Miss Essence and Miss Earth Florida organizations.

We have also been honored to judge at some of these events, (when we are not dressing the girls ofcourse); last night we judged at the Miss Earth Florida pageant.

With all this being said, we are proud to announce that FRANOVIK DESIGNS now has registered the MISS ECO AMERICA name.

We checked around for the other titles (World and International) but these have been taken and registered in Malaysia (duh). We happy to have at least the America portion of it, now we can focus on the Americas (the HOTTER side of the world) :-)

Now I have the daunting task to create the website, (domain is registered and under construction), logo, complete look, mission, vision and all the other things that come with being a titleholder.

I will rely on all my friends that have pageants as well. OMG, it just hit me, I am a Pageant Director too, am i crazy?.......


Viktor Franovik


  1. So, let me get this straight. Two very talented designers happen to connect with several pageant ladies, several of them being titleholders in a well established, well-run pageant system dedicated to environmental concerns.... the two businesses compliment each other and work together to do great things and bring more awareness to the need to protect our planet. The pageant also works hard to promote the Franovik Designs business. All is well, everyone works together and it is a great partnership.
    Shortly after, instead of staying with their area of expertise, the designer decides to organize yet another pageant with the exact same mission statement to compete directly with the existing, well established pageant system. I do not understand the logic. I wonder how you would feel if the tables were turned and the experienced pageant directors decided to open up a business to compete directly with you? Why can't everyone just work TOGETHER on this mission, instead of trying to compete with one another?

  2. Mrs Carol,

    I read your response, thank you for sharing and thank you for acknowledging our talents.

    Why wouldn’t congratulations be in order, instead of going the negative route? I would think that any designer who would own a pageant organization like this would be a plus instead of negative.

    Where would we compete and why would you think we would run our pageant? People immediately jump to conclusions without knowing the gist of it all. BTW, I know other designers that own other pageant franchises.

    In the blog there is very little information, just a few sentences to jog curiosity and/or a buzz (which I think we did). We have not stated what the mission statement is, nor our vision, although it’s obvious, the environment.

    A clarification and I am only doing this as a courtesy to you and our fans, I don’t need to explain my actions to you or anyone else for that matter; but we would hire an experienced pageant director to run the organization. We, ofcourse, would dress all the delegates thus assuring the purpose, which is to promote the ECO efforts. Also we would finance the whole project.

    Regarding your comment on turning the tables, I welcome competition, “It only makes me stronger”, on the other hand, I see and understand your point but you need all the facts before you assume or write a comment like this one.

    To clarify another one of your comments, “designers happen to connect with several pageant ladies-several of them being titleholders”; we not only are official costume designers for the Miss Earth United States organization, we also are official designers for the Ms Latina International & Latina World organization, among others. We have had the honor to enter and delegates wore our gowns in the Miss Florida USA, and Miss Universe, so we completely understand the partnership between designers and pageants.

    I hope this note clarifies our intentions with registering MISS ECO AMERICA. No further communications is necessary in regards to this issue.

    Thank you