Monday, January 4, 2010


Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year! Well it's another year...can you believe it, 2010, where did 2009 go? I am very excited with all the things I am working on, Models&Designers, our magazine, soon to come out, Funkshion Music and Fashion around the corner, New York Couture, Mexico and Toronto fashion weeks to follow. Working on new collections, and other stuff along the way.

With a new year, new resolutions, needs, challenges, new appreciation for everything and everyone around us. This year, as I did last year, I want to thank so many people by names, people that said present and helped unconditionally. Angela, Al and Ms Rosalie, FRANCISCO, AVEDA INSTITUTE (Jessica & William), SPA57, 7SalonMiami, Empire Research International, Miami International University of Art & Design, to all the ladies, a dress is a dress but when one of my girls puts them on, it comes to life. Milena, Esther, Jana, Sarah, Denise, Viglis, Patty, Nikki, Jolie, Aubrey, Anedie, Silvana, Diana, Erica, Anastagia, Moana, Lynn, Lynnette, Charlotte, Melissa, Skylar, Amy, Morgan, Carolina, Rosemary and Yenis. Thank you ladies! Charlene, DeAnne, Jimmy & Sandra, Tessa, Norma, Richard, Legend, Barbara, Christopher D, Don Seidman, Craig, Christopher M, Dean, Kai G, Raymond (DeeRay), Bridgitte, Opium Group, Robert, Blanca, Kym, Kristi W, Steve & Sheri, Tony & Kristen, Tony & Odalys, Juan & Bird, Steve C, Fran & Carl, Sunni, Wes, Marilyn & Pedro Luis, Sachi, Noris, Adrienne, Torren, Arianna, Katherine, Eduardo & Nelson, everyone involved with me and Franovik Designs. THANK YOU!

To everyone here and the new friends we will meet, it's 2010, as Miss Rupaul would say, "START YOUR ENGINES". It's going to be a good one!

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  1. Thanks for the holler, glad to help and looking forward to getting more involved this year!!