Monday, August 9, 2010


For those that know me, you know I'm a sucker for a pretty face....Sometime ago, I was walking into my house and my husband Frank told me he found a sickly cat that was abandoned by his mother because the cat had no lower lip.

That crushed my heart, the kitten had a beautiful little face and I feel in love. I took him in and gave him a name, We called him Chicky. I fed Chicky everyday and nursed him to health; and believe this his lower lip grew a little. He had one tooth on the lower lip.

He grew some more and we could not contain him in the house, he wanted to be outside. So everyday as I was leaving to work he would run out and sleep under the trees till we got back.

He played with us at first but just wanted to eat and go. Sometimes at night he would go out and other cats around the neighborhood would beat him out. when I heard his cries I would run out like a parent to fend for his children.

I would throw water at the other cat and bring Chicky in. He was hurt but I would nurse back to health. From there on I would bring in at night. When Chesca would go out, he would want to play with her but my dog would not have it.

I would look forward to come home to be with my immediate family, Frank, Chesca and my little cat Chicky. He always had trouble eating so I would prepare his food differently. I would cut his food into smaller pieces and make it a little soupy so he could eat. He ate it all but Chicky would not gain weight.

A few days ago I noticed he hadn't come home, I called his name and he would not come. Every night like a worried parent I would go outside my porch and no Chicky. Thinking the worst I'd go outside to look around the are and the greenery and nothing.

Today, I got home and smelled something in the air; smells like something is de-composing. I go outside and start to look. Sure enough I see my little Chicky under a tree, laying there as if he was sleeping, flies all over the place, lifeless.

I run inside the house to tell Frank, he can't believe it, we are both crushed. We lost our little cat and find myself writing about it. He was in our life for a few months, I miss him already. I never took pictures of him especially of his cute little tooth.

I went online and checked out some pics so I could share what he looked like and what he would look like had been alive. I buried my little cat and as I write this, I could see his little grave. RIP

Good bye my little Chicky.....I miss you papi......

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