Saturday, April 24, 2010

Meet Christopher DeStefano

Christopher is my personal rock and the one that takes all the abuse and yet sticks around. This intro could possibly be the longest and the most sincere of all these introductions. I know Chris since the tender age of 18, kind of the "Loco" kid, but a kid prodigy.

Where do I start, He has so many things I Love and admire. He is a bond and SciFi fanatic, his artworks are amazing, detailed, computer skills are the coolest. He went to school for film production and has made several movies which I have been a part of. The Coffee Shop Robbery and It's About Time; both received the Gold Aurora Award, which is the Oscar for student productions. I was honored as well for being his Production Manager, the awards are on my mantle and wall.

He founded his own production company, called DeStefano Studios, the logo is the GAYEST thing you've ever seen. It's a beautiful nude man with angel wings; it truly is artistic but I think it will rub people the wrong way. We as a Country and as a people have to grow; people just don't understand nor care to understand differences.

Lately, Christopher has become my media specialist and fashion sidekick. He photographs, videos, assists with all the stuff that I have to take with me. He is also involved with Models&Designers magazine. He recently interviewed Ex-GOGO Belinda Carlisle and her son Mason, that will be featured in the first issue, due out next year.

On his agenda he has a few other celebs, I, myself want to see Miss Julie Newmar (hint, hint) grace the pages of my magazine. I have a few celeb surprise interviews up my sleeve as well.

Anyway, getting back to the kid, I am most proud of him, It has been an honor and privilege to work by his side on his productions and with mine. I continue to learn from this kid, that drives me crazy but could not live without. If any production company or representative is reading this, hire this man, he would be an asset to any company.

Thank you Christopher for filling my life with joy, headaches, and laughs. We do laugh alot, I get mad too but at the end of the day, I can't be mad for long. Come to think of it, Raymond does the same thing, well that's another Introduction.

Slowly but surely, you will all get to meet all the people behind my scenes, Franovik, Models&Designers magazine and now the cosmetics line, another chapter, ( to be opened. Til then,

Look for more introductions of my beautiful models and the professionals I work with.


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